Why HR should be the strongest team in any organization

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  • OMG! This article… no wonder even the writer mentioned ‘pipe dreaming’ at a point. I have never seen a good hr department. I assume two factors play a pivotal role in this sad development:

o   Sorry to seem sexist, but the main problem with hr is the immensely unhealthy gender balance. Although I respect and love women, when they reach a critical mass (which seems to be 3 or more), they turn into complete b-words. With few exceptions.

o   The other is mediocrity. Imagine a kid with above-par intelligence, integrity, stamina and strength. Imagine her waking up one day, saying: “I’m gonna be an hr clerk!” You see the point? Doctor, yes, engineer, yes, astronaut…

By Norbert NAGY

  • …yes, racecar driver, yes, but hr personnel??? No wonder one finds people at hr with more value outside the cranum than inside. An organisation lives on the output of those creating value. Hr is a support function most often. What I expect of them is to accommodate, support and serve the present, past and future value creators. Also, to bring their (if any) mastery on the operation of human mind, groups and interaction into the picture when asked. But god forbid that they assert their mediocrity on the rest of the organisation! With the exception of those few hr geniuses who must exist in the world, without me knowing, to whom I hereby excuse myself.

By Norbert NAGY

  • Some very valid points Chiara, and with these in mind, then maybe the Head of HR should be selected primarily based on industry knowledge and then secondly on potential to effectively lead an HR function. Many times however, that it not the case, and then it needs to be mitigated by the closer partnership as described by Mike above.

By Andy Lane

  • Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry said it best “Personnel! That’s for assholes!

By Bob Young

  • Very much like the sound of your message but I’m afraid in over 20 years in professional services, I have may only have come across one or two junior staff who had HR and the humans they were responsible for at heart. The rest, especially the more senior HR staff, were career oriented, self-centered politicians who didn’t have any particular people skills to speak of – and because of that caused a LOT of damage to people’s motivation…

By Jochen Kleef

  • HR should not be the strongest but should be given certain powers so that all follow the rules and policy. In such a case the HR head should have the guts to put his foot down, even if h/she gets the maximum pressure from the strongest/highest in the Company, to bend a rule. This will give a clear signal to every one that one is not above the institution and that rules have to be followed and that no concessions can be given.



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