Why HR should be the strongest team in any organization

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  • Surprising epitaphs being used here for HR. Although HR is a necessary spoke in the wheel – but that is all there is. It remains a cost center. It impacts the performance of an enterprise in a limited way- how many times have we seen HR taking the responsibility for eg wrong hiring or employees discontent. The term strong here should be replaced by proactive. I think that would serve the Organization well. Apologies if I am hurting anyone’s feelings.

By Anuj Kapoor

  • In my view, in Today’s scenario the HR team has a vital role of any employee n employer since recruitment to retirement as well as routine / personal life. HR team sharpens to resources to achieve the desired business results in a desired way.

By Badri Verma

  • HR has vital role in Organisation but i have seen in many organisation management has given more importance to production department then HR. As result HR Person can;t exercise their Power. As result HR persons has faced many problems in organisation. Managent does not support to the HR Department..in most of Organisation.


  • HR is an inter-phase between various Department across the Organization or it is bridge between Employee & Employer. Correctness & authenticity of information gathered and

responsibility of connecting it to execution for future strategies of the Management as a whole lies entirely on HR Department.

By Kundan Karna

  • Its like discussing which is the most important organ in a human body!!! The concept of making any one department strongest in a organisation by management or by competition will only lead to imbalance. Each has a specific function, all are inter dependant, high levels of efficiency by all leads to smooth process flow and cultural harmony. It is only because of the rules and terms of engagements of each individual department, that makes them appear strong or powerful. e.g Finance has to be very rigid in their process and cannot bend rules,they go by the book – hence percieved as very strict and in control of authority, can say ‘no’ when they wish to. Marketting due nature of their JD/KRA, find themselves in close proximity to Directors/CEO’s/MD’s , hence percieved to be favourites and defacto powerful !! Somehow, I feel HR considers itself as the underdog, and there seems to be an identity crisis, which gives rise to such discussions and seminars propagating it as a startegic partner on the heirarchy table. Lets concentrate on our job and let our efficiency speak for itself, you will automatically feel the power when you exude competence of high degree.

By Sunil Khorana

  • I agree with Mr Sunil… The word strongest only generates a wrong feeling .. HR should strongly supervise & monitor the company policies and be a bridge between the lowest level to highest level.. HR should be open enough to be approached by anybody for any positive or negative feedback for improvement … These days HR policies are no more the company policies.. it keep on changing every time a New HR Head joins a group and to prove his worth to organisation ( top Level) brings a new policy.. employees remain confused

By Rajeev Sharma

  • Really appreciate wonderful thoughts here. Let me be little on the tangent. No deviation from the point that HR should be the strongest in organizations. However, so far in my profession life, I have only seen HR to be a controlling and non-progressive. Policies are always made to let everyone control what can’t be done and how thoughts/ actions can be restricted. HR has not changed a bit in last 2 decades, that no wonder to see its role diminishing (no dis respect to all my HR friends). Management question HR existence these days and as we are progressing much on start up and agile methodologies of running organization, HR must transform in a progressive way to really create the desired culture and show their impact on real business processes and adds pennies to the bottom line.

By (VK) Vipul Kumar

  • HR has a very important role to play as it deals with the Human beings who are dynamic in nature. Unlike machines, human beings keep changing every moment. Therefore HR needs to improvise, innovate and create situations to motivate and enable the Human Resources for the the maximum growth of the organisation. Needless to say , it has to be one of the strongest functions of the organisation. A week HR leads to confusions,lack of systems, low morale and policy paralysis in the organisation. It is rightly said, if you want one year prosperity, grow grain, if you want ten years prosperity grow trees but if you want hundred years of prosperity grow people. For this you should have a strong HR department.

By Capt M.C.S. Bhakuni


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