Why HR should be the strongest team in any organization 

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  • When these types of questions are asked I can’t help but think of the joke about the war in the body where the parts were arguing about who was the most important and had the most power. Everybody knows that the part of the body that controls the release of waste wins the argument. Let’s hope that this isn’t the case in our companies. It is only by working together in collaborative relationship that we all win and make each other strong.

By David White

  • The strongest team ideally is the one who controls the enterprise’s core value stream, naturally supported by a strong HR team

By Andy Lane

  • Hello Mr. Gupta, It is very true and HR can help dramatically in ensuring form, fit and function of personnel currently in an organization or new hires entering one. Problem solving ,team work and excellence in communication are the basic building blocks that serve any indiviudla to be further developed over time in whatever function they play in the organization..It is in fact key for high performace and financial health of for-profit comopanies. However, and after interviewing several HR professionals in regards to their role in this , many felt alienated from the operations and finanancial success of the company. In too many cases they saw themselves more as a support function to tackle discipline and legal problems. It can be solved mutually: HR teams can advocate their influence and tie company performance to the talent acquired AND leadership can ensure the important impact HR activities have on the results of the company.

By Sam Yankelevitch

  • For your consideration– I am not certain that one function can be called out as needing to be the ‘strongest’ as all functions serve a role whether an operating or enabling function. HR can best serve the organization by being strong in partnering with the operating units to understand the business needs from their perspectives–influencing the recruitment, on-boarding, development aspects of the business. HR can lead in staying current with contemporary business practices.

By Mike Adams

  • HR should be, among all, the first dept. to follow a lean approach because they are the people able to enlight and underline the skills of their employes, in order not to waste a person value, but use it in the right place at the right time. Too often I’ve faced with company in which the HR mgr. didin’t even know how the manufacturing processes worked out, or who of the employes worked where and what exactly their function was. A good HR team should know the manufacturing/industrial context as well as the plant mgr or the manufacturing, because let’s remember one of the worst waste in an industrial context is the human waste and not to consider the skills of a person, or on the contrary, use them wrongly.

By Chiara Bianchetti