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Designing Successful Financial Processes

The pressure to reduce Finance costs and strengthen internal controls is relentless. These seemingly opposing demands are the major catalyst behind the transformation of Finance operations from decentralized divisional models with disparate processes and systems to the new global model. In this new order, core financial operations such as Accounts Payable are centralized in one or more Shared Service Center locations with a single set of streamlined processes and a single technology solution to serve a region or even an entire corporation.

For those that aren’t able to transform their operations or that have a pressing need for immediate access to new capabilities, outsourcing is a solution.

This white paper will explore the considerations involved in adopting the right model for your organization.

“RightSourcing” in the new environment

Managing multiple processes across multiple geographies and providing the flexibility to scale is a growing trend in the BPO industry

As the need for risk management, compliance, accuracy, speed, and reduced cost becomes more important, document-centric BPO is increasing in popularity. At the same time, a focus on discrete business processes is encouraging providers to specialize and leverage their knowledge in areas such as Finance & Administraion Outsourcing, or HR Outsourcing. BPO providers that specialize in a process are able to offer the lowest total cost of ownership by leveraging their focused industry knowledge to repeatedly deliver a best-practice service.
For the customer, it’s a win-win.

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