Why HR should be the strongest team in any organization

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  • In Psychological Aspect. If we assume a Organization as a family than, the Top Management is Paternal affection and the HR will be the Maternal affection.

By Dr Ayaz Khan

  • HR is important to the success for any organisation.HR should be the strongest…… Does this mean weak line functions can be filled by HR. I agree with Krishna Rao.

By Naresh Bansal

  • HR is very most important to companies like more than 50 of strength workers company,and HR is one of the companies successes.For small scales its not important.Some times HR acts like he carries one side with his shoulder to the companies.

By Marpu Sareen

  • If the HR is not strong in an organization. Each function of the organization would run as an Individual organization and the goals would seldom be aligned to the organizational goals. Also there would be conflict of interest at every step. Most Indian Indian organization works this way. With little or no accountability the company is bound to fail sooner than later.

By Megharaj Rajeev

  • It is critical to note that in India most of the Organizations are not aware about the HRM, they simply assume that it relates to Labour Welfare, Personnel & Administration, nothing beyond it. In today’s scenario HRM is the umbrella of any Organization & nowadays a new heading has been given ‘Organisation Development (OD)’, but basically above all the above mentioned activities HRM interlinks all the departments, it is a disciplinary authority, it plays a vital role in selection, induction, training, retraining & is responsible for the healthy environment of the Organization, HRM personnel’s are the motivators & true leaders subject they understand the Industry thoroughly they are associated to w.r.t all the department roles & functions. To conclude the positive attitude, aptitude & imbibing factors are key for the success as Top Management of HR personnel.

By Rakesh Choubey

  • HR is the spine of an organization, in fact mind-tree, HR should be able to manage the show even in scenario of critical people moving out.

By archna koul sumbly

  • It has been interesting over the years to be able to observe the many HR leaders who thought they were running the companies where they worked. Others thought they should be. In reality few of the HR leaders had the skills to be President or CEO.  HR is an important part of any enterprise, but no more important than any other. They all need to be strong, and they all need to be colaborative.

By Keith Lodahl

  • Character of an organization is reflection of people it have. Culture of the company is nothing but the collective belief of people. It’s HR who is responsible to guarantee the gap between expected character and real character of the company.

By Tarun Mishra