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There is a strong connection between etiquette and ethics. While some organisations have detailed employee handbooks, others have unwritten rules. Either way, you cannot take your employer for granted. Partnering with your organisation, follow these tips to help increase profitability, enhance your job stability and achieve potentially faster promotions.

Respond to client emails and phone calls promptly, ensuring smooth business. In today fs competitive world, do remember that your client has expectations, which if not met, can lead to him/her exercising other options.


Habitual lateness and extended lunch hours are costing your organisation, as your employer is paying you for the time you are supposed to be at work. Make a plan for your day ahead and work with motivation to meet your deadlines. Be fair, earn your salary.

Personal life:

Keep your personal calls and internet use to a minimum. Cut down on social visitors and ensure that you show up at work in a sober and energised state, ready to give your 100%.

Help cut costs:

With shrinking margins, excessive use of landlines for personal calls, wastage of stationery/consumables or rough handling of office equipment, all impact the bottom-line.

Respect the dress code:

Respect the expected dress code and understand your role as a brand ambassador of your employer.

Integrity and transparency:

Never use company funds or resources for personal agendas. Your company has allowed you certain perks and access to funds to help increase your professional productivity.

(Shital Kakkar Mehra is a leading Corporate Etiquette and Protocol Consultant)