Why HR should be the strongest team in any organization

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  • My brief views..After 26 yrs IT experience in Defense, Reliance & Tatas, I agree with all the above that HR is the backbone to the company. Most companies avoid the risk and settle for outsourced SLA model. This has its pros and cons as most of you would know that we lose the flexibility to customize our real time requirements. We start spending more time on vendor management and project commercials rather than trying to build and succeed with internal excellence & skill development. This effort would be a overhead to the leaders and management surely, but they would rightly consider that end justifies the means as long as the revenue is guaranteed. we have many companies which have been successful in both models of vendors and heavy HR dependence. Either ways, HR definitely has a large role in the success of the vision and mission of the company.

By Nd Youaraj

  • Going thru this entire trail, its quite overwhelming. why should we be most strongest team in the company, a question i have often asked myself. what is the value i provide to the organiation for the organation to say that it will do everything to make this function strong. i think most of us miss there, its pretty easy to philophies ourselfs, but when it come to focussing on the value we often struggle. let’s go one by one in understanding the HR value proposition. Recruitment – if you can with your own eperience predict who is good or bad candidate within thoese few minutes of the interview (after all its one our full time jobs) or if you can help in cross placement. that’s a value but what most HR people end up doing is just fiing interviews and not participating or not getting invited to participate in these intervoews because the line does not see value in doing so. similarly in areas of HR. are we struggling to get the require respect or place or are we just getting caught in our world and sometimes asking like this.

By Krishna Rao

  • Yes, with out HR we cannot run the company or site smoothly. I agree with all.

By Marpu Sareen

  • The strength and effectiveness of the HR reflects in their working efficiency during the

1. Recruitment,

2. Training

3. Solving the Problems

4. Managing and maintaining the good relation with employees

5. Timely Appraisal

6. Co-ordination with all concerned for smooth functioning of the department..

By Gopal Sharon

  • The reason why HR should strong because in my opinion HR bridge the gap between the resources and management. It provides a channel to communicate the thoughts. HR should be independent in decision making without the influence of management, a strong thought leader who balances the organization, bring culture, values and discipline to the people.

Have seen in most of the organisation HR is treated like a recruitment division, but it is much more than that. Its a invisible pillar who provide support from the center and take the entire load on their shoulders. Plays a vital role in company branding, team/client satisfaction, cultural values to employees and much more.

By Satish Kumar Sharma

  • HR – as it signifies Human Resource – is the only non revenue generating business unit, however is the only business unit which directly impacts the whole revenue generation of the organisation thru employees at various level. As long as HR is allowed to independently handle the Organisation Culture, Vision, Mission, Employee engagement, Employee satisfaction & retention.. it works beautifully… the moment HR controls are little indirect – things collapse directly

By Rajeev Sharma

  • I think HR need not be “strongest” team whereas it has to be an equal and Strategic Business Partner which can enable Human Resources (of entire Org) in achieving Business Objectives. For this HR Head/Managers should be having that bandwidth to understand Business/Industry and devise HR strategy and lay out action plans accordingly. If this is demonstrated successfully the Org will benefit in all aspects whether internal employee satisfaction/retention or external customer delight/profits etc

By Dharmender CH


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