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Here are some of the responses:

  • HR is the backbone to any organisation.Though not as visible as the other Departments,but imagine,had they not identified the Show-windows of any Organisation like Finance,Operations etc during Recruitment,where would these organisations be ?? So if the backbone is not strong,the Body would collapse and same is the case in an organisation.Hail these silent performers !

By Lt.Col K P S Patali

  • HR is having the pivot role in any orgnization. It has function to balance the Human resourse faciliation which is directly impacting the ornization strategy n policy & also towards the upliftment of organization. Hence the reason why it should be strongest one

By Kiran Patil

  • HR can and should play such strong role in development of the employees in the organisation but it is not seen to be so or effectively utilised possibly in many organisation. In many companies, HR managers become very powerful being close to the top mgt, taking part in the management movements, decision making in promotions/bonuses and PDP ( Personnel development planning) and so on. Though they do perhaps prefer to take part in such role as business partners as well but they take very active role in leadership development process . HR persons in factories are natural Education and Training pillar leaders developing worker trainers with their HR intervention into alround skill- will development of the employees on the shopfloor and also in the field and encouraging participants in the improvement journey through timely counselling . I will never forget the huge contribution in our TPM journey by our HR community in education and campaign process, AM step 4 training on 8 subjects and development of technical training centres /training materials and so on in our TPM activities in Unilever India ,besides maintaining cordial Industrial relations atmosphere.

By Uttam Kumar Chatterjee

  • HR should be empowered by the tools and technique to be a staff friendly deptt. where an employee and load learning and offload emotions to get back to the work with same zeal everyday . It should be secular and free from prejudices. It may take suggestion from the directors but should be guided by own rule book above the directions of the directors …

By Partha Mukherjee

  • HR is centralized policy making and monitoring agency so that maintaining uniform policy throughout the organisation is possible. This promotes uniform organisation culture and in turn increases employee satisfaction.

By Mahadeo K. Pandit

  • HR must be a strong team in an organisation as they play a critical role in achieving the organisational goals through getting the right human resource on the board.Although in management world,the HR function is considered as Staff function that is supposed to follow the instructions of Line Fuctions/Top management.
  • I am of the view that HR must act as a STRONG bridge between the top management & the employees to develop the organisational culture with long term perspective through objective HR poicies and rewarding the oustanding performance without waiting for year end appraisals to encourage the average/above average performers.

By Sombir Singh

  • The Strength of HR reflects in selection process as well as managing the Human Resources The HR can play more effective role if they have defined SOP , Guidelines for recruitment, appraisal , promotion and related areas. The employees satisfaction should reflect interns of the performance of the organisation..

By Gopal Sharon

  • In today’s environment it is essential to have a strong HR team as today the employees expects support from the organisation for their career growth and a good HR team provides the employee a proper direction, Training and identify the leadership qualities within them. It is no more simple, “I pay, you work” concept. It was also told people leave the organisation due to less or no employee friendly HR policies.

By Sundaram K

  • HR is Co-Driver of the business and only when there is a good alignment between HR and Business Leader the Business progresses and achieves its results. Organisations that are people focused are the ones that are successful which many of the Leaders are realising in todays context. Obviously this is why HR as a function should be strong!

By Augustine Justin

  • HR is a nervous system of the organisation. They have to always alert for the various role as can defined by the organisation with respect to Human & related Policy.

By Gopal Sharon

  • HR is only a supporting function in any organisation. Making this function the strongest is not a desirable situation. The functional skills required to strengthen the core competence of organisation alone must be strongest. For example, in EPC organisation Business development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction departments alone must be strongest. HR persons are not likely to have any knowledge in these areas. In manufacturing environment, maintenance, Production, SCM & marketing department should be strongest.

By Satish Korabu


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