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We had given an overview of AR processes in the few posts prior to that.






In the list of processes that I had shared initially, I hadn’t included the Order Management processes, since most of the times, this remains as a voice based process.

Nevertheless, I will cover it today.

An Order Management process primarily comprises of the following stages:

  • Receiving a purchase order from a customer
  • Validating the identity of the person placing the order
  • Logging the order in the system
  • Verifying the order quantum with the approved levels of regular customers
  • Forwarding the details to the billing and delivery departments for execution
  • In case of pre-specified rules, both general and customer specific, validating the PO based on these rules and communicating with the customer on the same if needed.

I will cover this in more detail in the next post as the Order Management is a lot dependent on the mode of transmission of the PO.

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