We started off with the purchase order part of the accounts receivable process through a credit sale


Once you have a purchase order from a customer, this purchase order will be uploaded into the ERP, again an outsource able process. For verbal orders, you may need to have voice based support available.

The order will then go through an approval process, mainly retained by your client. In some cases, you may get the authority to approve as well, say below a certain value. This order will then be picked up by the warehouse or the delivery team of your client.

A bill or an invoice will now be generated at this stage, along with the list of terms of the sale. This is the billing process, as we know in the back office / outsourcing world.

This order will be executed and a receipt taken from the customer of your client / principal. His will be uploaded into the system / some workflow.

The customer will review the goods / services received and approve / disapprove some or many or all. For your client / principal, you will be asked to make accounting adjustments for the same. In some cases, you may not accept your customer’s contention, leading to disputes.

We will continue this…..

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