“Best Practices for Your AP Shared-Services Model” special report focuses on how accounts payable departments of all sizes can take advantage of AP best practices and automation to slash costs, increase productivity, reduce processing time and more.
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Best Practices for Your AP Shared-Services Model
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In many organizations, AP has been centralized in a shared-services model. The primary goal of a shared-services model for most companies is reduced cost. Other goals include greater efficiency, economy of scale, standardization and better service.


This report examines the challenges of AP Shared Services, the key practices that have been identified to address the challenges and meet primary goals and the opportunities that can add value beyond the identified primary goals.

This no-cost, information-packed report outlines how you can:

  • Reduce errors and duplicate payments by reviewing and matching invoices without the need to key in the data
  • Decrease processing time by moving invoices and other items through the systems at a fraction of the time that paper processing takes
  • Change the perception of AP to a respected business partner
  • Understand the value of automation to meet AP’s goals
  • Implement fundamental best practices in your AP processes, such as sending invoices directly to AP and elimination of low-dollar-value invoice volume through use of p-cards
  • Learn how to make the case for AP automation
  • And much, much more!

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