We started with customer order management in the last post:


Like I had mentioned that the components of an order management process are a lot dependant on the mode of transmission of the purchase order by the customer, what really are the modes that you see these in?

  • Walk-in – a customer may visit your client and place the order for his purchase requirements
  • On phone – a customer may call in and ask for placing an order
  • By email – he may send the purchase order by an email
  • By fax – he may just fax the purchase order
  • By snail mail / courier / post  – he may send his purchase requirements by any of these three
  • Electronic / Web placements – a customer may log in his purchase order over a web enabled portal

As you can see, except for the first, you can very well take this activity to a shared service or an outsourced center.

For the second, you will surely need voice support equipment, especially for large clients of yours.

Volumes are critical, the higher the volumes, the better are your chances to gain that business from your client.

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