We read about the basics of customer maintenance and some challenges that organizations face in relation to maintenance of customer data.


I created an impression that this process is mandated if these challenges exist.

Does that mean this work will cease to exist after the rectification exercise has been done?

The answer is “NO”. This process is a continuous activity, since your client / principal is an ongoing business entity, he will keep adding new customers, removing some and also dealing with newer units of the existing customers.

If a customer of your client / principal adds a new unit in another state, he will need local tax registrations, which would need a new business address, a new shipping address and maybe a new billing address as well. It would need to share its new tax identification / permanent account numbers as well. It may be possible that this may require you to ask for some specific certifications / government authorizations in case if your client is in a business which deals with specified business lines, like hazardous / chemical manufacturing.

Relocation of businesses will also require changes to be registered.

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