We saw situations where customer maintenance activity could be triggered, and why is it really an ongoing activity.


Again, it’s a process, with a start and end. Typical steps would apply to this process also.

Let us consider the addition of customers. We will restrict ourselves to a situation, where we create a customer who will have a credit limit, will be allowed a transaction where he would pay later, and will remain a regular buyer from your client. The steps involved in this process will be:

  • Receive an application for a new customer setup from the Sales personnel / Customer relationship managers / customer himself.
  • This may be received by post / snail mail, fax, email or through an online portal.
  • Check the attachments to the application for address proofs, tax number proofs, customer registration details, sales team approvals, committee approvals etc.
  • In case of US based customers, a W-9 is usually mandated, whereas in India, a partnership deed copy / a company registration certificate should suffice. There may be other registration documents which may be used as well.
  • In some cases, approvals may be obtained post customer creation, through the application workflow routing, however, initial basic approvals need to be attached.
  • Check for similar names and addresses, in short for duplicates.
  • Create the entry in the ERP system.
  • Ask your client to approve / validate the entry in the ERP system.

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