The last post covered automated billing advantages.

You must be saying, enough of billing….

Let’s move to the next best outsourcing candidate in the O2C (Order to Cash) world, “Customer Maintenance

How do you define customer maintenance? Simply, it is the addition, deletion and updation of customer data in your client’s ERP systems. The purpose? To ensure a correct and proper addressing of the invoice raised on your client’s customer.

For larger organizations, having thousands of customers, this process becomes very important. Some key challenges these organizations face in day to day operations are:

  • Incomplete customer records
  • Missing tax numbers and details
  • Improper shipping address / addresses
  • Improper billing address / addresses
  • Errors in correct names of the client’s customers (leading to tax reporting challenges)
  • Updates not received from customers of the client
  • Updates received but not effected in the ERP system
  • Defunct customers not removed
  • Duplicates – this incidentally forms one of the largest sources of errors in billing.
  • Improper identification for multiple shipping / billing addresses of the customer.

There are many more of such reasons. Quite often, we ended up doing a onetime exercise, sometimes lasting as long as six months to one year for doing this cleanup.

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