You read about some steps for processing customer maintenance in a back office.

There are a few important things to note, before your client hands over the processing to you. There will be a lot of pre-work, especially if his customer needs to be setup as a credit customer. The steps mentioned in the last post work straight for regular cash/card paying customers, provided the business needs to register the details of the customer.

Before a credit customer can be set up, your client may need to do some research on the market credit standing for the said customer. Rating agencies may be involved to collate data. They can be asked to collect data from competition, credit card companies, financial research bodies, banks and the like.

Legal department or counsels may be appointed to draw out agreements. There may be a requirement to draft agreements, based on prior executed ones.

A sales council may need to approve the credit terms, which may depend on the standing of the customer, market dynamics etc. Your client may need to verify credit terms that this customer might enjoy with other entities.

Financials may be collated for this customer to understand his stability, business standing etc. This may include review of the legal filings, like 10-K / Q in the US, published accounts etc.

Needless to say that as the back office / outsourcer, you may be in a position to execute some of this.


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