We discussed how queries get generated by a customer account reconciliation process.


But under AR or accounts receivables related processes, there can be other forms of queries as well.

  • Product queries – You may receive queries from prospective / existing customers of your clients about the key products of your client, their prices, specifications etc.
  • Queries on invoices raised – lots of queries are generated for various invoices raised on the invoice, the articles invoices and the terms of invoice by an end customer of your client. Things like price differences, tax components, ordered verses dispatched quantity differences, additional terms added to the invoice and so on..
  • Delivery related queries – customers may want to know the time frame for delivery, the date and time of material dispatch, handling of transportation charges etc.
  • Service network queries – Some customers may want to understand if your client supports the delivery and maintenance of their products / services in the some specified areas.

The types are many. You may ask, why I am segregating this?

Well, one fundamental reason, based on the size and criticality of your client’s operations, you can be asked to set up one unit or multiple units for AR query handling. If the query volumes for one type of query is high, let us say product enquiries, then a specialized unit may be in order – this is just an illustration to help you understand, how a client may demand the setup of this or similar processes.

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