You saw other activities which could generate queries.

Now, for any query process, the process workflow will be very similar.

First, it would depend on the mode of receipt of a query, which could be:

  • E-Mail
  • Phone call
  • Snail mail
  • Front end / sales team
  • Accounting groups / internal communications
  • Workflow application

Ideally, breaking this up into two, voice and non-voice types would be the best mechanism to handle queries.

Process steps

For a voice based setup, automated voice call routing networks will route a call to the CCEs or the customer care executives, who will handle initial information collection and try to resolve the query for some pre-defined situation, beyond which, it will be routed to a level two team or to some seniors. If the resolution cannot be given at that point, then contact details are collected, and based on the agreed service level agreements, the customer is responded to in the future.

For non-voice, where paper queries are received, a scan unit is setup, from where it is router to the query handling unit. For electronic, like emails, web applications etc., the routing is done in the defined application.

The shared centre will then pick the query up, hunt for resolutions, in some cases, consult relevant authorities at the client’s end and provide for a resolution.


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