We talked about analytics in collections in our last post.


Analytics has wide spread usage, which is not limited to collections, or finance & accounts or any other function or service for that matter.

At this very opportune time, an interesting report came from the Aberdeen Group. This report is free, if you had registered with them earlier, or if you register now.

Enjoy reading:


Embedded Analytics: Enable Collaboration

Discover how Best-in-Class companies…

• Improve Tool Ease-of-Use
• Increase Operating Profits
• Reduce Deployment Costs

Aberdeen research consistently demonstrates the connection between analytical activity and enhanced business performance. Yet few companies see success by placing business intelligence (BI) or other analytical tools into the hands of its users. To reap the benefits of analytics and achieve enhanced business execution, organizations must adopt a holistic view of analytics by cultivating analytical thought, culture, and activity, in addition to using the right analytical technologies…

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