Happy Valentine’s day to all readers. BPO’s and shared service centers have been on the forefront in India and other locations in giving the young working generation some cool break from work. Some organizations have planned parties, contests and outing for their employees.

Let’s deviate from our main stream for a short while. In India, the BPO work is very routine and quite often monotonous. A resource normally gets to work only on a small component of the end to end work. Quite often, due to miscalculations by the outsourcing organization or the engagement planners, the actual work load is high. A number of outsourcing organizations also expect the same level of efficiency to be achieved, in spite of the fact that there is a new set of people working. They have just learnt the process and are on the job for the first time. To meet the given commitments, they work long hours, and eventually burn out.

Their college fun and frolic is fresh in their minds. Hence these Human Resource initiatives become very important. Some organizations recognize this some don’t. Quite often, the employees reach out themselves and plan things out.

Why don’t you leave a comment on this post, stating what did your organization do for this Valentine’s day and how did you end up celebrating it?

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