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Benchmarks: Travel & Entertainment Expense Reimbursement Practices
Brought to you by The Accounts Payable Network and Concur

Travel and entertainment expenses are a controllable expense and should be managed to optimize value to the company not only with regard to the amount of travel, but in terms of policy compliance and processing practices.

This study, which captures key T&E expense reimbursement practices and metrics of 686 organizations, provides a means for comparison for all organizations. This study also illustrates the advantages of automation of the T&E reporting and reimbursement process, including lower cost, faster turnaround times and easier, more efficient receipt management. Automation also offers the opportunity to add value to an organization through facilitation of auditing and spend management.

This information-packed benchmark study reveals:

  • Responsibility for T&E expense reimbursement processing within an organization
  • Use of credit cards in T&E – company T&E card, one card, personal card or combination
  • Liability for corporate card charges
  • Report submission deadline practices
  • Method of report submission
  • Advantages of automated T&E system implementation showing cost savings as high as 50%
  • Cash advance practices
  • Policies for receipts; turnaround times
  • Percentage of expense reports audited
  • Benefits of spend analysis
  • T&E policies and best practices

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