About Us

We are a group of people working in the IFRS implementation, finance and accounts outsourcing and the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry for over fifteen years now. We have Chartered Accountants (equivalent to a CPA in the US), law graduates and people from other accounting spheres contributing to the blog. These authors have been managing IFRS conversions and implementations based out of India for over seven years.

About the Blog

Recent years we have seen a rapid expansion in the number of countries applying IFRSs. Overall, the IFRS are used by listed entities in over 110 countries, and by unlisted entities in over 80 countries.

Thus this blog is for people working in the finance and accounts departments who would like to enhance their knowledge about IFRS and its implementation.

We will share our knowledge on this stream i.e. IFRS, recommending the right way to people for IFRS implementation. We have a panel of authors who shall share their knowledge and will provide answers to your queries. We will also discuss the various challenges on IFRS implementation along with general provisions and updates. We wish you a happy following.

You can read about the author at : https://faoblog.com/ifrs/about-author/