Record to report / R2R

On R2R, this was the first list which was shared…

The 2nd list can be viewed at:

The 3rd list was –

The next was:

Last week we covered some critical CFO processes:

There are some other related processes given below. One important point to note is that the processes under R2R or record to report will primarily be those defined by your client. Quite often some of the high end processes are classified under FPNA – “Financial Planning and Analysis” as well.

Other Related processes :

  • Form entry
  • Function re-engineering and transformation
  • Project transitioning
  • Setting up of a Shared Service / back office unit
  • Application consulting
  • Process improvements

Today is the last post on the list of processes that can be outsourced. I have tried to be as exhaustive as I could be, but still there could be lots more. The limit is defined by your and your client’s / organization’s needs and understanding.


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