Record to report / R2R

This is the first list which was shared…

The 2nd list  can be viewed at:

We continue with other processes, which at times do get classified as “Record to Report”, but are usually classified separately by most of the organizations.

  • Treasury & Risk Management
    • Accounting debits, credits & transfers
    • Authorizing debits, credits & transfers
    • Cash Management & forecasting
    • Bank administration
    • Investment recording and management
    • Investment decision making
    • Debt management
    • Foreign exchange management
    • Foreign exchange conversion impact management
    • Treasury Risk Management
    • Hedging
  • Taxation
    • Tax accounting
    • Tax Audit
    • Tax compliance
    • Tax planning and analysis
    • Return processing – corporate income tax
    • Return processing – corporate sales and use tax
    • Return processing – corporate VAT
    • Return processing – employee income tax
    • Return processing – corporate excise and production

More to follow next week…….

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