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Adding to the last post, these functions go higher up in the complexity and criticality chain for the CFO and other organizational groups.

  • Management Reporting and Analysis
    • P & L preparation
    • Schedule preparation
    • Cash flow & fund flows
    • Financial statement preparation
    • Final statements of accounts
    • GAAP Analysis
    • Regulatory reporting and compliance
    • Filing of statements of accounts
    • Financial statement presentation
    • Stakeholder query handling & resolution
    • Cross country conversions
    • Statement consolidation and summarization, for groups / subsidiaries

All that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This is a critical CFO function and usually only pre-preparation work is moved to an outsourcing / back office. Some organizations create specialized units for such functions.

  • Hire to retire
    • Resume identification
    • Resume short listing
    • Data entry and updates
    • Management of resource requirements
    • Employee Master Data  Management
    • Benefits Administration
    • 401 K administration
    • Payroll Processing
    • Workforce Administration
    • Stock Options – issue and management
    • Pension Accounting
    • Employee termination and removal

Now this is not an easy function to move. A lot of employee sensitivity around this. Organizations take a very cautious approach on “Hire to Retire”. In some countries, H2R info cannot go out of the local territory.


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