Last post was about a typical process flow for purchase order management.

Let us look at the process steps for this workflow. You may need to build the process steps specifically for your client based on his needs, and this can actually help you do so.

The process starts with a purchase order / enquiry from a customer of your client.

  • Purchase order / enquiry receipt from a customer of your client.
  • Based on the mode of the receipt, you may need different process st6art points and set ups.
  • Check if this is from an existing customer or no.
  • If no, create a new customer account
  • Validation of PO comes next, for completeness, accuracy and authenticity
  • Client’s Sales team approves this
  • If this is not approved, then inform the end customer  about it with reasons thereof
  • In case of an enquiry, a quote or estimate or a proforma invoice may need to be provided
  • Customer approves the execution of the order
  • The material status is needed to be verified to ensure the delivery as per the required terms
  • In case of non-availability / short availability, the customer has to be informed and an approval taken for the actual delivery time estimate
  • Verification of credit limits is done, sometimes the process may need a re-assessment of the credit limit
  • In a number of cases, advance payments from the customer are mandated
  • The order is then executed in the ERP and the sales team and the customer are informed of the same
  • The execution of the delivery and invoicing will then follow.

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