You read about contract drafting in the last post.

Jurisdictional requirements

Let us understand some jurisdictional requirements for contract management. Each contract needs to cover local jurisdictions, if both the parties belong to one region only, or may span across states / countries / continents depending upon the size of operations of your client.

As an example, in the United Stares, the jurisdictions could be county, city, state, inter-state, special business districts or international. In India, it could again be some special economic zones (normally for export businesses) or state, inter-state or international primarily.

Various clauses for covering taxation, special legal requirements for certain types of businesses (like chemical) etc. will form some core clauses of any agreement.

This is why a legal vetting would be required at least at the initial stages. Any contract drafted by you as the back office operations, if adapted to the same jurisdiction as another existing customer / contract may not need detailed vetting, but new jurisdictions will surely require adequate approvals from the authorized team.

Anyhow or the other, a validation will still be necessary for all new contracts based on various clauses I had listed in the previous post.

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