We started discussing a “customer support” process.


One of our readers shared an interesting insight on the stages of a “Buying decision process”

He says: In my points, this process can base on theory model, you can read five stage buying decision process. you will have more information to support you. Duong Hoang

He also shares a link: http://www.studylecturenotes.com/management-sciences/marketing/190-consumer-buying-decision-process

Happy reading and thanks to Duong.

Coming back, let us discuss each of the components in greater detail. We focus on the simplistic steps an outsourced / back office might deploy

Prospecting stage:

A customer of your client will need support on multiple things:

  • Help for mapping his needs to your client’s offerings
  • Query responses to list of available products / services and their basic variations
  • Technical specifications
  • Logistic details
  • Pricing queries
  • Cost of delivery
  • Request for samples
  • Demonstrations
  • Customer references and requests for taking direct feedback
  • Pricing negotiations and special offers
  • Volume discount / early payment schemes / offers

This is normally a subset of the sales process, and a lot of these components can be moved to a back office / outsourced unit. In my experience, we have managed a process by a large home product retailer, where we even ended up doing some up-selling.

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