We shared the jurisdictional requirement understanding in the post


Let us look at another components, which need interaction with your customer’s client.

  • Ensuring timely renewal / revision of contracts

We saw how tracking renewals was a process in customer contract management.


Going one step ahead, you can also take the responsibility of reaching out to your client’s customers for ensuring renewals. Based on your tracking and experience in drafting of contracts, you may be asked to follow your client’s customers for renewal of contracts. Normally this will be a usual process:

  • you send a communication to the relevant customer, with the relevant details, giving a request to trigger renewal
  • share a draft renewed contract
  • highlight any term changes
  • define timelines
  • at times you may need to inform the customer of the consequences of non-renewal
  • get the customer to sign and scan a copy and send to your legal / sales / customer maintenance unit
  • get a similar signature from your client’s authorized group and scan and share it with the customer for his records
  • some geographies mandate maintaining a physical copy, so, two copies will be printed and shared over snail mail.

In some situations, specially where high profile customers are involved, this may need to be a high customer interaction and relationship process.


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