We shared the on-site follow up process in the last post:


There is an interesting stream, tracking collections and building a strong analytics around collections. This is actually a very interesting field, and often a high end activity.

We had talked earlier on ageing analysis and DSO computations.

Large organizations go much beyond this. Though at times this starts at the approval stage of customers, but becomes an ongoing activity, since the status of various customers might change.

This involved adding high end analytics as focused activities.  Some key activities may include:

  • Analysis of the market standing of each customer
  • Analysis of the customer’s industry
  • Future projections of the above, the expected boom / slump in the customer’s industry and his individual business
  • Analysis of delinquencies based on customer’s industry and his market standing
  • Any changes, actual or anticipated in the leadership or organization structure of the customer
  • Shareholding patterns at the customer’s organization and the structure of the board of directors, their preferences and inclinations.

There are umpteen areas where these analysis may be beneficial, but these come at a substantial cost to your client. Analytics tools and resources are priced well above all.

It is always a prudent practice to build a business case, especially if the delinquency levels of your client are high, build specific projects to ensure focused execution and delivery of results.

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