We shared a sample workflow for a dispute resolution process on Thursday.


Very clearly, I say sample, because your client’s business structure, procedures etc. will come into play.

Now if you look at the steps of this, you can fundamentally list the following bullets:

  • You receive the dispute case – from internal / external entities, Cash Applications, collections, client’s customer, sales team or as may be applicable
  • You log in the dispute in the tracking system
  • Dispute cases allocated to the research team
  • The research team pulls out the relevant details, supporting documents and evidences, analyses the dispute at a fundamental level and then either moved the case further for processing or returns the same to the raiser of the dispute for clarifications / withdrawal
  • If the dispute raiser does not withdraw, this is moved to the CRM / KAM / Customer management team / authority for further evaluation
  • If the dispute is tenable, it is again moved to the CRM / KAM for processing
  • Appropriate approvals / waivers / action item approvals are accorded for further processing
  • In some cases a recovery / legal action initiation may be mandated, giving the customer a notice for the same, as may be needed by policies / law
  • The tracking is closed by updating the status

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