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One more process that we had talked about was:

  • Actual collections through on-site agents

Normally this is an onsite activity, based on the geography where the client’s customers are placed. Usually, an off-shore unit will not handle this directly, but be supportive by providing MIS and specific details to a collector.

Sometimes a near-shore or on-shore back office handles this.

Some activities would comprise of:

  • Visiting the customer to deliver letters
  • Visiting customers for collection of payment / payment advise / payment proofs
  • Sometimes this may involve collection of cash
  • Deposit of the payment in bank accounts
  • Dispatch / scan of proofs and other details for amounts collected / proofs collected

They payouts of this activity are normally on a percentage of amount collected basis. For proofs, it may be based on hourly efforts or other mechanisms as may be agreed.

This activity is outsourced normally to professional on-shore agencies, who have relevant experience.

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