We read what comprised of customer support in an order placement process


Let us look at support requirements for a material delivery process.

This is again critical to customer satisfaction for your client’s business. Material deliveries will attract a lot of customer support requirement / need.

  • The foremost is “by when” – each customer needs to have absolute clarity on the date when he will receive the material. Since this is based on multiple factors, like the date of dispatch, timelines given by transporters or the couriers / postal service, keeping a track of the same becomes crucial.
  • Transit setbacks – transport vehicle breakdowns, delays due to incorrect location shipments, multiple customer shipments in a single transport route, all these lead to delays at times, which will surely need tracking, updated information and customer communications
  • Transit damages – There will be situations where damages to the material also occur during transit. Key to handling this support process is to have full details based on the sale contract and keep the customer informed
  • Delivery shortages / incorrect deliveries – This may generate a query either before the dispatch or after deliver is received by the customer. A support structure will be needed to inform the customer about the situation and the remedy for the same.
  • Tax structure / other legal changes – There are times where there are changes in the tax structure, and the customer will need support to help him understand the amount and impact of such changes. In some cases, certain products may be banned or restriction on usage may be enforced and hence deliveries may need approvals / re-considerations / alternatives.

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