Prospecting stage requirements were shared for a customer support process.

The next is order placement.

Most of our readers, especially those working in back office / outsourcing units are familiar with this, especially for an AP process, like creating a purchase order, sending to the vendor etc.

For a customer support activity, this is exactly the reverse of the AP process. Here you need to receive and register a customer’s order.

We have already discussed this in an earlier post, haven’t we? Well today we look at the requirements of a customer support process for this.

If you remember, you could receive an order by email, over phone, over fax or by way of snail mail. In the customer support process, you can be asked to support the client’s customer due to multiple reasons:

  • He may need technical clarifications again, or may have some new technical queries
  • Some financial terms and conditions may need a further clarification
  • Some new terms may be asked for
  • Changes to specifications, delivery address and the purchase order itself may be needed by the customer
  • Another department of the customer may call up to re-confirm the order
  • New queries may crop up on additional offers and discounts advertised by your client, but not offered earlier
  • Delivery period negotiations might be mandated

The requirements could be limitless. Again I reiterate the fact that to execute such a process you have to ensure that you understand the client’s business.

For a back office / outsourced unit, normally the level 1 or the basic calls / email etc. are given for execution. The moment negotiations / decisions chip in (except for pre-defined rules), the client’s actually use their sales group or a specialized group to chip in.


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