The customer support needed in material delivery was shared in the last post as under:

The fourth component was payments:


Some standard areas where customer support has to be resorted to in a payments process are as under:

  • Clarifications on payment terms – normally sales teams have a final authority
  • Special offers, like early payment discounts – again sales / customer coordinators have a final or a near-final say in this
  • Penalty / interest clarifications on delayed payments – the accounting folks are the SPOCS here
  • Payments remitted but not received – accounting again
  • Incorrectly applied payments, where payment is adjusted against an incorrect invoice  – this links into the cash application process
  • Incorrectly applied payments, where payment is applied to a different unit or to an incorrect customer – this links into the cash application process
  • Unavailable confirmations for payment adjustments – collections team
  • Customer statement reconciliations – collections team
  • Adjustments of debit notes or credit notes and its impact on the payment amount – accounting department
  • Checks / cheques bounced / not honored – again accounting
  • Bank commissions adjusted in payment – accounting
  • Settlements for disputes and disagreements – collections team

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