Last week, my post covered the workflow for Travel and Entertainment / Employee expenses.

Doesn’t P-Card also look the same? Well, it is almost the same, except for the fact that there is another entity involved, the bank or a card issuer.

A typical process sequence for a P-Card transaction will be as given below:

  • Employee incurs an expense by swiping his purchase card
  • Employee submits the expense report with the relevant bills and charge slip copy
  • This is scanned and uploaded to a workflow by the mail room
  • The document is checked and audited by a team, having access to all the business rules and limits, the nature of expense is specially verified for any personal expenses
  • It may be sent for approvals if required
  • Once done, hard copy archived
  • Amount expense entry triggered or executed to ERP and amount transferred from employee account to expense or relevant capital account
  • In case of personal transactions, the employee may need to return some amount by cheque / check.

I will share more on bank side transactions and purchase card maintenance in the next post.

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