Here is another workflow for an AP process. I prepared this to give a better clarity on the process. (Click on the images for a larger view)


So the typical steps for this flow would be:

  • Raise an invoice / credit note
  • Send the invoice / credit note to the vendor
  • Vendor received the invoice / credit note
  • For multinationals, you will need to check if the invoice is non-English.
  • If non-English, it goes for translation and a special approval
  • The invoice after translation is scanned and placed in the FTP (it could be uploaded to a workflow as well)
  • A record is kept by the client
  • At the outsourcer, the team leader allocates the processing volumes
  • Entry to production log is triggered
  • The invoice /. Credit note is processed in the ERP as per client instructions / business rules
  • If it’s a PO invoice, it goes for 2 way / 3 way match with PO, else to country manager for approval
  • If this does not match with the PO, it is sent to the client for clarifications with the relevant findings and documentation
  • If this matches with the PO or after approval by country manager, it is checked for total value, if this exceeds $1,000 it will need a 2nd approval. Then it is uploaded to the workflow for payment processing
  • This is now updated as complete in Excel, and a review done on the workflow
  • The client is sent a report
  • The process ends

Did you understand that better?