We shared the process flow / swimlane for a customer maintenance process


and a free white paper from Aberdeen Group


Another process, which links into customer maintenance is “Customer Contract Management”.

Some companies treat both these processes as one single integrated process, however, a larger chunk prefers a separate handling. Customer contract management has a legal angle to it. Quite often Chartered Accountant / CPA firms / Legal counsel teams are called upon for the execution of this function.

This activity is relatively a high end activity.

Customer contract management will comprise of activities starting from drafting of contracts, negotiation of its terms, keeping a track on the contract validity, ensuring timely renewal / revision of contracts etc.

This function has a relationship factor with your client’s customers. It really is a critical function for your client.

Outsourcing of this function may be limited to a back office / shared service center / outsourcer. Like I mentioned, the CAs, CPAs or the legal attorneys may be engaged to do this function.

For the back office, normally, drafting and keeping a track of expiries and renewals may be the key activities considered. In some cases, for large clients, a team of CAs / CPAs / law graduates are engaged to execute roles larger than these.

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