Did you read about adaptation of the IFRS by US in yesterday’s post? This is shaping up well. Read it here: https://faoblog.com/ifrs/intro08/

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Last week, I covered samples of Operational and business metrics. Now, what is the key thing that will help you to achieve your objectives for reporting and measurement? This is one of the most neglected areas. The seasoned companies actually go with their standard set of metrics and the not so seasoned ones pick up just what the client has to say. This is the area where you can make a mark on your client. This will always have a set of unique measurements for each client of yours or for each function for that matter. This will always be a mix of both the components – operational and business metrics. Operational metrics will emanate out of a standard set, where as business metrics will need to be defined in the transition stage. If some definition has been done in the proposal phase, then it will have to be validated. It will be a feather in your cap if you can enhance the same.

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