I came across a very nice article from Alsbridge Outsourcing Center which I would like to share. You will have an understanding what you need to prepare for in the future.

Source: Alsbridge Outsourcing Center and globalreportdelivery.com

The big headline in BPO: The continuing global economic changes are causing a paradigm shift in the way organizations are doing business, according to Dinanath Kholkar, Head, BFS & INS, BPO Services, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). “Higher returns on investments, faster turnaround times and the need to reach out to emerging markets are the need of the hour,” he notes.

The outsourcing market is experiencing a radical change from the first generation lift-and-shift paradigm to today’s business process solution model, according to Richard Jeffery, managing director, Active Operations Management International (AOMi). Adds Rahul Kanodia, CEO and vice chairman of Datamatics, “Today it’s no longer just about cost. Buyers want you to produce value from more complex transactions. In fact, BPOs need to scale up to the next level, which is knowledge process outsourcing and business process management, for demonstrating value adds to their customers.”

Here are the nine biggest trends that will affect the BPO world in the next 24 months.

1. The Move Away From Headcount-based Contracts

2. Buyers Want More Transparency Inside the BPO Process

3. Productivity Matters

4. The Rise of the BPO Specialist

5. Offshore Providers Are Doing More Work Onshore

6. Regulatory Pressure Will Continue to Increase

7. Social Media is a New Business Operation for BPO Providers

8. Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Is Catching On

9. Buyers Are Getting Savvier

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