The post on Saturday was an interesting one. Hope you liked it. You can see how our industry will change and what will be the demands on us as a part of this global work culture.

If you missed the post, you can check it out at:

Now continuing with the concept of pre-work. On Thursday we talked about understanding the dynamics of the engagement and the reason to ascertain why outsourcing is being resorted to. We also could understand some major soft issues that can be critical to our success. We also looked into trying to create a contact list.

What should you compile in your contact list?

Some of these for sure:

  • Name
  • Designation
  • Desk Phone
  • Hand Phone
  • Email ID
  • Role in the organization
  • Role in the engagement
  • Location
  • Office Address
  • A brief profile of the individual with
    • An understanding of his / her education
    • An understanding of his / her work experience
    • The level of the person
    • A note on how his / her job may be affected by the engagement & what is the next role for the individual
    • An understanding of the role and connect this individual has with peers, juniors and supervisors

Not all can be actually covered in the first list, and most often the brief profile does not come by in the initial stages.

At a later stage, we can add points on the key perceived challenges, as perceived by this person, a personal background – maybe (handle this with caution).

Thursday, we will talk about the process pre-work.