Last two weeks I covered a detailed flavor of the types of processes that can be outsourced. I hope you all liked the details provided. One subscriber found the details to be a good reference point, which he could use as a checklist.

From this week, we will now move towards our main topic, starting with some inputs on how to set up a process.

Let us assume that your unit has been selected for executing some back end processes and you have been called to the accounting unit to understand and then transition the defined process / processes.

You land up there sit with a few people working there, understand the processes, ask the technology group (having representations from the accounting department end and the shared services center or the outsourcing unit) to set up citrix or the ERP client or some other mechanism to work on the current applications and you go back, train other people in your team and whola… you are done!

Sounds simple, any Tom, Dick and Harry can do it, so where is your value?

There is much more to it than what I just said. Everything that needs to be done has to be carefully and meticulously planned. There is something that is changing, and with change, there will be challenges, challenges from people resisting change, challenges from extension of technology, restructuring the workflow, setting up communication channels, building an effective reporting and so on. Your effectiveness will depend on how effectively you can handle change at all ends, and since you are the one getting the process, it a responsibility that you need to shoulder.

We will continue this in the next post, till then have a great day…