Procrastination is a word, well recognized by the industry at large, the art of delaying things. There is a nice article that I wish to share with the readers of this blog, which featured on linked in sometime back, on how to conquer this weakness.

10 Tips To Stop Procrastinating and ……..

Ever find yourself in a state where you’re avoiding the completion of a list of relatively simple tasks? In fact, are you procrastinating right now by reading this article?

The tendency to procrastinate isn’t new to this century, although distractions in a highly digital work environment aren’t always the most helpful when it comes to your productivity levels.

If you’re like me and find solace in staying busy, there’s a lot on your plate every day. This type of workload makes managing your procrastination habits a must. At my company, I’m met with a wide variety of tasks, and unfortunately, many distractions from said tasks.

There’s no secret formula for ending your procrastination altogether, but there a number of ways you can manage your habits more effectively:

1. Assess your avoidance.

2. Eliminate distractions. 

3. Make time for breaks.

4. Find your best workspace.

5. Set goals.

6. Break tasks down. 

7. Prioritize.

8. Stop chasing perfection. 

9. Evaluate your timing. 

10. Find your rhythm.

Kicking your procrastination habits may take some time, but utilizing these tips will make the process more effective.

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