We saw various components and modules which trigger a customer order management process.


Technically what we spoke of comprises of only the initiation piece for recording a customer order.

We had listed various components of a customer purchase order process. Let us look at some of this in a little more details.

Receiving a purchase order from a customer

  • When a customer order is received, the initial things to verify are whether the order is clear and readable. Often when an order is sent through fax, snail-mail or by way of a printed document, illegibility of a document may creep in.
  • The date of the order and any specific terms of the order need to be noted

 Validating the identity of the person placing the order

  • It is important to validate if the person placing the order has the authority to do so.
  • This can be verified based on the customers standing instructions, the inputs by sales leads and numerous other ways.

Logging the order in the system

  • The PO will have to be uploaded into the client’s systems.
  • All relevant details will be entered, like, date, customer name, his billing and delivery address, his tax details (these should be pre-available in the system’s customer database), any special instructions, order terms, including payment terms, criteria for material / service approval, etc.

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