We saw the steps for issue of P-Cards, https://faoblog.com/processes-ap-p-card-process-details3-maintenance/

Let’s talk of the following today:

  • Maintenance during the card usage period
  • Revocation of cards

Ongoing Maintenance – The ongoing maintenance can comprise of the following activities:

  • Change of employee particulars, like location, address and telephone number
  • Change of card limits, both increase and decrease
  • In some cases the tax jurisdiction information may need to change
  • Query handling for basic inputs about the card – benefits and responsibility, regarding usage limitations, beyond limit / expense type variation charges / interest
  • Helpdesk activities, like incorrect charges, on statement of the card, on interest / penalties debited

Revocation – Revocation of the card is a very critical activity as the organization is liable for its use:

  • Build procedures to trigger at the time of termination / movement to another location
  • Information to bank / card company, back confirmation and recording of audit evidence
  • Handle disputes for usage after intimation of revocation
  • Receipt of card / scan a destroyed copy into the ERP as evidence

So you see, even a small little thing as a P-Card can involve so many activities. Companies which are large surely will need a team of people specially for handling this activity.

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