You saw what we could do from a shared service center / outsourcing perspective.

Now there is one very critical thing to take care of, the approval. Each client / principal will surely have their own unique requirements. A client which I am currently doing an assignment for has eight different production units, and each unit wants to run the business in the way it wants, to some extent driven by the market forces in their region. Each of these units are either East, West, Center / in the Northern region, and that changes the dynamics of their customers, and all the entities they deal with.

Based on whatever inputs you have provided, depending on the expected volume of business from the customer, the estimated risk levels, his market standing, and all the other factors that we listed, your client / principal will target a certain level of credit. He will have a panel or a committee of senior folks who will agree to this limit and tenure and then the credit will kick in.

Of course, your team will be asked to do a regular monitoring of the same and report out any major variances / changes in the underlying assumptions.


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