Did you download the free paper from the last post? https://faoblog.com/enterprise-management-grow-profits/

Also, in the post before that, we shared the process steps for a customer purchase order management process, which was preceded by the workflow of the process. https://faoblog.com/processes-ar-order-management-process-steps/

Let’s start with the next process in the accounts receivable arena, i.e. billing.

The billing process is also a very good candidate for outsourcing. This is primarily a non-voice back office process, except where the customer purchase order and billing components are combined into one activity.

Billing as an activity sounds simple, doesn’t it? But then based on your client’s / principal’s business, it could be very specialized as well.

Well, simply, when a purchase order is raised, the dispatch / warehouse section needs to gear up for the delivery of the order. A bill or an invoice along with the delivery note needs to be sent with the dispatch of material. So the first trigger point can be the PO.

For services, the work order can be the start trigger.

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