Last post we started on the billing outsourcing for a client.

One thing you clearly need to understand is that almost all clients are very critical and reserved about this process and are usually hesitant outsourcing this. Why is that?

When we think of an AP process and vendors, they are entities from whom your client’s are buying stuff, whereas in case of billing, it relates to your client’s customers, who are key to the business of the client. This is the bunch of people who your client will really treasure and keep under wraps as far as possible. The information about them is critical and confidential, information like their contact details, the amount of purchases made by them and so on.

It will surely need a lot of convincing for you to get your client to outsource this function.

As I had mentioned earlier, the nature of the business also plays a big role in this. For large retailers like Walmart etc., most of the sales is over the counters, so the billing process suitable to a back office function will be limited, but for an equipment and engineering or a construction company, this will be critical, as they would have limited customers, buying high value products.

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