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Coming back on track, we will now cover the following three area:

  • Exception Management

Exception Management

The term itself defines the process. As the word states, this process will tackle any exception management.

What is exception management? Only in an ideal world will you have various transactions pass through without some challenges. During transitions I have seen as many as 60-70% transactions failing to get processed in the first attempt. Just a side note, the percentage of transactions getting processed in the first attempt are called the first pass yield. The process encompasses identifying solutions to the problems for any exception.

These exceptions can be of different nature based on the transaction type. Normally when a process is initially transitioned to a shared service or an outsourcing unit, the client likes to retain this function at their end. Over a period of time, they slowly delegate this to the shared service or outsourcing unit. The main reason for this is that the client has a team who clearly understand why transaction processing hits a road block and your unit will need good experience to come to that level. Also, the urge to maintain a control also results in this type of a decision.

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