Particulars IFRS US GAAP  Indian GAAP
Statement of changes in share (stock) holders’ equity Statement shows capital transactions with owners, the movement in accumulated profit and a reconciliation of all other components of equity. The statement is presented as a primary statement except when a SOCE is presented. In this case, only disclosure in the notes applies. Similar to IFRS except that the statement is presented as a primary statement; SEC rules allow certain information to be included in the notes and not in the primary statement. No separate statement is required.

Changes in shareholders’ equity are disclosed in separate schedules of ‘Share capital’ and ‘Reserves and surplus’.

Cash flow statements – format and method Standard headings, but limited guidance on contents. Direct or indirect method is used. Similar headings to IFRS, but more specific guidance for items included in each category. Direct or indirect method is used; SEC encourages the direct method. Similar to IFRS.
However, indirect method is required for listed companies and direct method for insurance companies
Cash flow definition of cash and cash equivalents Cash includes cash  equivalents with maturities of three months or less from the date of acquisition and may include bank overdrafts. Similar to IFRS, except that bank overdrafts are excluded Similar to US GAAP.